13 Reasons Why Fly Tying Sucks

by Alex

I’ve been tying flies since I was 10 years old. Now I’m definitely not bragging because I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

It may just mean that I went over to the dark-side at an early age.

I say this because I have found some things about fly tying that will make you go damn near crazy.

I know I’m not alone so I figured I’d ask the pros about their biggest beefs with this bizarre passion.


Any wildlife (squirrels, peacock, rabbit, deer, chickens, etc.) are first seen as walking tying material.

11363832_1524345137855378_136609978_a    Nick Blanco,  Wycoflyco


You’ll never look at boa clad burlesque dancers again without thinking… shit… I can make 50 dozen wooly buggers with that.

ru_superfly  Pat Cohen, Super Fly


Everything is fucking sharp: Drop your scissors? Now your foot’s bleeding. Stroke some materials back from the hook eye? You just ripped open your finger on a chemically sharpened sword.

Alex Gottlieb, Big Bite Flies


You end up wandering the aisles of the craft store with your fishing ‘partner’ and you are discussing the color shade of foam. It’s best to ditch your fishing buddy and take your 12 year old daughter

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.50.00 AM Curtis Fry, Fly Fish Food



The first time you stab yourself in the face while blowing the deer hair trimmings out of your sinuses…because your scissors never leave your hand as a commercial tier.

ru_superfly  Pat Cohen, Super Fly

–00–You always need to carry bolt cutters for when you come across roadkill

scotts_custom_flies Scott Stryker, Stryker’s Custom Flies


Even though fly tying has it’s frustrations…deep down we all love it (I think). For some, it’s an escape from the daily chaos of life.For others, it preserves sanity in between fishing trips. No matter my gripes or grievances, I still often find myself on the vise late into the twilight hours, lost somewhere in a pattern.

There are few feelings as special as when you trick a nice fish on something you put your own care and creativity into.

So, on second thought…I guess the worst part about fly tying is: It’s so damn addicting.

Well, that and people asking you for free flies all the time…damn freeloaders.

Thanks to Alex at badfish.tv for this extract.


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