The Five Casting Essentials

All Casts Have Five Things in Common

What’s your favourite cast?

  • Overhead?
  • Roll?
  • Curve?
  • Double-haul?
  • Spey?

Interestingly, they all have something in common – the “Five Essentials”, which were first described byTexan Bill Gammel, a masterful fly-fishing and casting instructor, and his father, Jay.

These “Five Essentials” have been brilliantly brought to life by a company based in New Zealand, On the Fly Productions.

The owners, Carl McNeil and his wife Jeanie Ackley, produced a great casting video named “Casts that Catch Fish”.

Carl provided the casting technique and his wife the camera work, and the result is an instructional series that shows you everything you need to know about the casting stroke and its affect on the fly line.

Here then, are the Five Essentials, with an introduction.

And here’s a link to the Orvis site if you wish to consider purchasing the full video.