Tackling Giant Tarpon the Hard Way

The Tarpon and the Tuber

Nearly 10 years ago Daniel Göz pioneered fishing from a small float tube in the more remote areas of Central America.

From that pioneering work came a prize-winning video named “Tapâm – a Fly Rishing Journey”; in 2010 it won the 5th Annual Drake Video Awards 2010 in the “Best Fishing” category.

Daniel Göz is a skilled free diver, whose specialised portfolio includes images of free-swimming blue marlin, leatherback turtles and false killer whales.

Here is the short version of the film.   This is the custom trailer made for Catch Magazine using primarily outtakes. The full movie is available as DVD and Blu-ray on tapamthemovie.com. Copyright Daniel Goez and Jan Bach Kristensen