Steelhead – Ocean Voyager That’s Full of Fight

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What Do You Call a 55-pound Rainbow Trout?

The answer is “Steelhead” –  and you’ll need plenty of steely determination (and luck and skill) to land one.

Steelhead start life as rainbow trout.  Then they travel the ocean for anything up to three years, much as salmon do.

They come back with that beautiful chrome color and carrying a lot of extra weight that is all muscle.

The biggest steelhead ever caught was 55 pounds, but it is said that those in the Skeena, in northwest British Columbia, have been known to reach 100 pounds!.

The average fish tips the scales between 10 and 30 pounds – not bad for a rainbow trout.

Here’s the latest video from Salmon Junkies, featuring Jeff Bright (photographer, freelance writer, conservationist, avid steelheader) and targeting “some of the largest Chinook in the world” on the Skeena River.

You can read (and watch) more at Salmon Junkies.

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