Steelhead in the Fall

Steelhead On Fly in the Pacific Northwest

Think “steelhead” and “brilliant photography” – and it is almost inevitable that the name “Todd Moen” will pop into your mind.

Todd, editor of Catch magazine, has documented “Spring Run” and “Winter Run”;  here he is with “Fall Run”.

For this great film he teamed up again with  Jeff Hickman and Jakob Lund, two fishermen he has worked with before.

They travelled to a remote river in the the Pacific Northwest to document a meeting with the indomitable steelhead that have travelled halfway around the world before making their way up the rivers that gave birth to them years before.

The terrain is challening, even dangerous, and the fishing more than tough.

But the payoff is a wonderful experience thefor those who love the wilderness and the fish that travel through it – and who generously allow us to share the spectacular adventure.