Secrets of the Fly Fishing Greats

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Learn From the Best: Fly Fishing Greats in Florida

Here’s a long, beautifully-written article from Garden & Gun about a top-class fishing school in Florida that focuses on salt-water fishing and flats fishing in particular.

The eight instructors hold a bundle of world and national records between them; one of the teachers is Steve Rajeff, who has the world title for the longest single-handed cast ever made – would you believe 243 feet?

Between them, the instructors have some 250 000 hours of saltwater fly fishing experience.

Each training session lasts two days and is available in February, June and October, at a cost of $850 per student.

Students can also arrange for additional optional guided fly fishing on the flats around Islamorada.

If you enjoy this short excerpt, read more at Garden & Gun

Secrets of the Fly Fishing Greats

It is a flawless late winter Saturday morning in Islamorada, Florida, about half an hour before the twenty-fifth-anniversary session of Sandy Moret’s Florida Keys Fly Fishing School is due to kick off.

On the beach of the Islander Resort, Steve Rajeff, one of the eight fly fishing all-star instructors in that school, is already out of the gate, giving a fly casting lesson and demonstration to a group of five early-bird students.

“Try to get a little more zip in your stroke,” he says to one of them whose casts keep collapsing into the light breeze. Another, a right-handed caster, is having trouble with that breeze coming off his right shoulder and blowing the fly line into his body.

Rajeff takes his rod and simply by turning his grip on it a quarter turn to the left is able to maintain a normal right-handed stroke while the fly line zips back and forth over his left shoulder, well away from his body.

What the students get first is three half-hour, perhaps-more-than-they-want-to-know disquisitions on the tools of the trade—one each on fly rods, fly reels, and fly lines.

Then each of them is given a rigged set of those tools assigned along with three other students to one of the instructors, and led out to the beach for the first of four hour-long casting sessions.