Fly Fishing for Tigerfish

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Fly Fishing for Africa’s Ferocious Tigerfish

Botswana’s Okavango Delta is the scene every year of an amazing phenomenon – a baitfish run that results in superb fly fishing for tigerfish.

Every year, as the delta’s annual flood waters subside, schools of baitfish are forced into the deeper channels as the shallow areas in which they sheltered during winter start to dry up.

As the smaller fish enter the Okavango River proper, they are followed by thousands of sharp tooth catfish (called “barbel” in southern Africa) – and the catfish in turn are followed by tigerfish, which prey on anything swimming, baitfish or barbel.

It’s life and death for the small fish – but paradise for the fly fisherman, who can go after barbel, bream and above all, the razor-toothed tigerfish.


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