Fly Fishing For Pan Fish

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Pan Fish – an Inexpensive Way to Hone Your Skills

Keith Sutton of is another of the fly-fishing enthusiasts who believes that fly fishing for pan fish is a good way for the beginner to hone his/her skills.

He quotes Anthony Acerrano (field editor for Sports Afield), who suggests the best way to start and get the answers a beginner needs is to find a mentor.

Get a basic rod, simple reel, floating line and a minimal number of extras, and you’re good to go and introduce yourself to the delights of fly fishing.

Check out Keith’s article to see the basic recommendations.

Find a Mentor and Keep it Simple

“The best way to start off fly fishing is to find a mentor,” says Anthony Acerrano, an ardent fly fisherman and field editor for Sports Afield magazine.

“This might be a friend or acquaintance who is a competent fly fisherman, or perhaps an instructor at a fly fishing school or an expert who does seminars.

Hands-on instruction from such people will allow you to learn the basics quickly. But if you can’t find someone to help, try the video store. There are many instructional fly-casting and fly-fishing videos on the market that can help beginners get started on the right track.”

Acerrano notes that basic fly casting isn’t as difficult as it sometimes looks. With a good teacher by your side, you should be able to learn the fundamentals in a single session.

Start on Dry Land​

When you begin your casting lessons, Acerrano suggests starting out on dry land or in a fishless pond. Don’t start fishing until you’ve mastered the basics.

And when you’re ready to move to water, fish in still water such as ponds or lake edges first. Doing this will allow a smoother transition when you start fishing in a stream with current.

“Bluegills, which are abundant in many still waters, are great targets for beginning fly fisherman,” he says, noting that he learned to fly fish while targeting this species. “They aren’t very difficult to catch, especially in the morning or near dusk.