Do You Have Catch & Release Know-How?

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Do You Practice Proper Catch and Release?

Here is an excellent post on the proper way to catch and release trout that is a must-read for anyone who is not completely sure of the correct technique.

It was published in the Fly Fishing Forum by a senior member who signs himself “Mikel”.

 Practicing Proper Catch and Release

There are other differences between fishermen besides their choice of tackle and methods. There are fishermen who catch and release virtually all of the fish they land. Others prefer to take their limit home for the grill or smoker where it is legal to do so.
There’s nothing right or wrong about either approach as long as the regulations are followed. Both the release guy and the “catch and bonk” guy are good sportsmen as long as they follow the rules, care for the environment, and leave the water as clean or cleaner than they found it.

The thing about catch and release is that it applies to both types of fishing. Even the fisherman who takes his limit home will often release at least some of the fish that are landed.

Sometimes he may just not want to limit out too early and have to stop fishing.

Sometimes he may want to release smaller fish when there are lunkers to take home.

Many fishermen release all the fish they believe will survive, keeping only those that are “bleeders” for the smoker.

Whatever the reason, the sportsmen who release trout back to the water should have a single shared value.