Blue Fin Trevally – The Starving Wolves of the Flats


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But Also “Most Beautiful Fish on Earth”?

Two  striking quotes that dragged me in to the rest of the article about Christmas Island’s Blue Fin Trevally…

“They swarm and attack flies like a pack of starving wolves” and also….

“Blue Fin Trevally might be the most beautiful fish on earth.”

Having just published a post on the Rainbow Wrasse (from the same island) I had to share this as well.

The author was Joe Rotter, the “blogger in chief” at Red’s Fly Shop (also the guide service manager) who was writing about a trip to Christmas Island.

Here’s a brief extract; click the link at the bottom of the page to read the full account.

Blue Fin Trevally, and SGTs, “Small Giant Trevally”

These fish might be the best species on the trip. I had no idea what to expect here as not enough people write, photograph, or talk to you about the smaller species of Trevally.

The Blue Fin are amazing and relatively abundant. They behave differently than GTs. They like smaller flies, they have better vision, cruise a bit faster, and might be the prettiest fish on the flats.

“Attack Flies Like Pack of Starving Wolves”

The younger GTs are a great trophy as well. They swarm and attack flies like a pack of starving wolves and it is incredible to watch! You will get a lot of action on these fish and I spent a lot of time pursuing smaller Trevally.

What will often happen is you will be walking a flat, maybe with Bonefish in mind or GTs and pretty soon you will start seeing Blue Fins cruising by or SGTs and you simply have to cast at them!

They will eat a Bonefish fly but it is much better to have a smaller baitfish pattern ready on a 9-10 weight. The 12 should be setup with a larger fly and heavier leader at all times.

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Best setup

The best setup for the Blue Fin and the SGTs is 40 pound Fluorocarbon. I experienced a huge difference in how the fish reacted to 40 pound leader vs. 100 pound.

Apparently the Blue Fin have much better close up vision than GTs, according to the guides. I saw it first hand, which on a different subject if the Blue Fins were leader sensitive the big GTs might be more leader shy than we think.

Just a thought, but you need leader that will allow you to land the fish. Coral shreds leaders when fighting GTs.

Anyhow, the perfect setup is a smooth casting 9-10 weight with a WF Floating Tropical fly line. Set this up with a 6-9’ of straight 40 pound Flurocarbon and that will be your small Trevally killer.

Blue Fins get up to about 20 pounds and make an awesome trophy. Blue Fins are also easier for me to see than the other fish so it was fun being able to see them and take shots at them.

Tips for Blue Fin Trevally and Small GTs

  • Strip fast. Single handed strip seems to work great, don’t worry about a 2 handed strip
  • Blind casting works quite well on the ledges, ask your guide about this if it is cloudy
  • A dedicated rod for this is a wise move, 9-10 weight
  • Make sure your backing knots are very strong, a 15 – 20 pound Trevally will make your 10 weight feel weak

Don’t let ego get in the way of enjoying fishing GTs, the small GTs are great fun and you should relish the experience

Bring small Poppers that are durable, these fish will destroy foam poppers.  I wore my Poppers out after 3 days and wish I had brought more.

Thanks to Reds Fly Shop for this extract from a major article.

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