A Great Fishing Guide in Action

Every Wondered About Hiring a Guide?

This video is the pilot in a series called “The Bank” being produced by Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing in Alberta.

Phil Monahan of Orvis, who know a thing or two about fly fishing, describes this as “one of the best how-to videos we have ever seen”.

“If you’ve ever wondered why folks hire a guide—and why great guides are so sought-after—you’ll understand after you watch this.”

Interestingly, although this is a video, the real value is in the voice over, as Dave coaches the angler (Devan) in the best way to overcome the problem presented by a bankside riser on the Bow River, how to stalk the fish, and how to get the fly into just the right position.

Phil again:

“Listen to how Dave explains the relationship between casting position and the cast itself. An angler must deal with the current, wind, and his own casting limitations. Dave’s advice on finding a cast that’s comfortable for you and then wading into position so you can make the same cast over and over is genius.”